South Park – Book of Mormon

There does not seem to be any limits for free speech in their comedies. The creator of comedy central’s South Park just got the perfect fit duo of characters to do this. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are just typical disrespectful actors to expect in any comedy show. In an interview with CBS journalist Kroft – on “The Book of Mormon”- Stone goes ahead to state exactly this.

Kroft: “Are there lines that you won't cross?

Stone: “No. I don't, yeah, we haven't found one yet.”

From the start to the end of the movie, it just sound like a script used to promote unchastely belittlement of like wholesomeness and epic jokes of entertainment. The use of 131 foul words by children, 119 use of three/four letter word by children and vulgar euphemism is just a shortcut of expressing how close producers of Broadway show are not to letting lose the freedom of speech.

Religion is under attack in some of the episodes. They no longer express any mercy of censors. Majority of the show’s humor is relentlessly racy and directed at poking fun at the naivety of the Mormon religion and HIV/AIDs in Africa. Religious proponents will be disguised to see how the earlier priests are portrayed in the shows. The show exposes the ‘nudity’ in many Mormonism activities religions.

Communication is an essential ground in comedy, in their shows, principle of conciseness has been heavily used and applied accordingly. They simply gets to the point and ensures every word counts. By use of musical, they have established succinctness. It also do not only use satire of clean-cut, devout Mormons with some maverick beliefs. The use of music too sends a cheerful send- up of all well organized religion.

Basically, I find the jokes rude, lewd, crude and blasphemous. However, it is easy to predict that this version of South Park would end up in a creative petri dish to analyze and parody all really weird things happening in the adult world of the United State. The guys are just heroes.


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