Simple and explicit essay writing tips

How to make sure that your essay is properly written?

There are several different formats for writing an essay; the five paragraph essay is one of the most commonly assigned to students. Even if this is not the particular essay your instructor has requested, it’s still very beneficial to follow some of the same guidelines.

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It’s important to make sure your essay is written properly. You don’t want to go to all the work of doing the research and putting together the essay without some steps to follow. It’s worth a little extra time to make sure you have a great essay.

The Introduction Paragraph

The introductory paragraph is one of the most essential elements in your essay. It’s how you get your reader’s interest and get them engaged or involved in your topic. It should also include your thesis statement. The thesis is a must-have for it’s the foundation upon which your entire topic rests.


The introduction is almost considered to be a condensed outline of the essay, because it tells the reader what the paper is going to be about. The last sentence of the introduction must contain a way to transition the reader to the next paragraph, which is the beginning of the body of the essay. This transition is often referred to as a hook.


The First Paragraph of the Body

It could be an example, an argument or an illustration. Put the topic for the paragraph in the first sentence so it ties in with the hook at the end of the introduction. After you have written a few sentences about this main topic, end the paragraph with another hook that transitions the reader into the second paragraph.

The Second Paragraph of the Body

The second strongest statement belongs here, and you follow basically the same pattern you did with the first paragraph, using transition sentences at the beginning and the end. All the topics including this one should relate to the thesis statement and provide support for it.

The Third Paragraph of the Body

The third paragraph is the last one of the body and would contain a third topic which supports the thesis statement. It should be the weakest of the three, and you need to set up transitions between paragraphs just like you did in the first and second paragraphs. The hook at the end of this paragraph should be designed to lead into the conclusion, which is the fifth and final paragraph of the five paragraph style of essay.



It also contains a mini-outline of the entire essay, and is the last thing the reader remembers, so it shouldn’t fall flat. To help you with this paragraph, buy a college paper online and read the list below:

  1. The conclusion should contain a similar pattern to the one you used in the introduction to the essay.
  2. Restate the thesis statement so that it echoes the original and uses some of the same language but isn’t written word for word. It must not be a duplicate.
  3. Summarize the three focal points used in the three paragraphs of the body of the paper.
  4. A final statement signalling to the reader that the paper has ended. Sometimes, especially in a persuasion paper, the final sentence may be a call to action.

Very simple and practical ideas that will help me understand how all this academic writing process going on.

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