Selecting an Online Essay Writer: How to Avoid Unreliable Candidates

When selecting an online essay writer, there are a number of pitfalls you need to be aware of so you can find a dependable and consistent writer to work with. There are many candidates that seem worthy but will not be able to deliver the kind of work you need.

Follow this list of tips to ensure the essay writing service you choose is one that will be able to deliver outstanding work and not waste your time and money. Writing an essay is complex and intricate work, and it should not be handed over to someone who cannot handle it correctly.

Tips for avoiding unreliable candidates:

  • Use a company that someone you know has used before- If they have previously been hired for the same type of work, they will be familiar with it and are most likely reliable and trustworthy. They are also apt to be familiar with the deadlines and other issues regarding your essay.
  • Give them a smaller assignment first – Hand over something smaller- like a homework assignment- first, to see how they deal with it. Make sure the writing style and other technicalities for the assignment are similar to the ones that will be needed for the bigger project of your essay so you can be sure they are up to the task.
  • Use a freelance website – If you use a freelance website when writers apply for your job you will be able to view their past jobs and experience, as well as ratings from other clients. Unless they are a new writer on the website, they will have client ratings or even reviews that will confirm them to be reliable and professional.
  • Come to an early agreement about payment – Agree with them that payment will not be handed over until the finished product is completed to your satisfaction. If they are a good quality writer, they will have no problem agreeing to this. They will not be trying to take your money and run, but they will be willing to put in the time and effort to deliver good work so they can be assured of repeat business.
  • Make sure they have verifiable qualifications – This is not difficult to find out. If they claim to have a degree from a certain institution, with a bit of research you should be able to verify their claim. They should be happy to hand over any details to you that are necessary for their verification.

Finding a trustworthy and upstanding essay writing company doesn’t need to be that difficult. And the reward – that of having someone consistent and professional to write your essays for you – is well worth the original investment of time on your part.


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