How To Create An Outline For A Narrative Essay: Tips & Tricks

When you are asked to write a narrative essay, you should understand that it is a sort of unique story telling that not only has a concise beginning, but must also have an interesting body and compelling conclusion. In order to present an excellent paper, it is important that a student first creates an outline for the paper. With such outline created, you would not have any issues in ensuring that your academic paper is not only well-organized but also written with a high level of clarity.

With a few tips and tricks contained in this article, you will come to understand how to efficiently create an outline for a narrative essay. The tips are as follows:

  • Graphic Outline: This type of outline works wonders for properly organizing the characters that will be featured in your narrative paper. With this visual outline, it makes it easier to decide what elements should be included in your paper and what elements should be left out. You can even find helpful tools online that would help you to create a unique graphic outline.
  • Topic Outline: This is your paper’s outline where you get your ideas for the paper clearly organized. The main ideas for the paper are listed in Roman numerals. These main ideas are further broken down and listed in alphabets. These sub-ideas can also be further broken down and listed as numbers. In writing the phrase for your topic outline, make sure that they are in initial capitals.
  • Sentence Outline: Also known as micro outline, this is the area where the ideas contained in the topic outline will be discussed in more detail. You can set this particular outline up just like the topic outline, making sure that each point is clearly elaborated on.
  • Utilize Proper Subordination: This is very important if you want the structure of your narrative essay to be in uniform format. With the Roman numerals representing the main ideas, you should maintain that format. Also, make sure that the sub-points are equally divided.

With these few tips, you will come to prepare your academic paper’s outline with more ease than before. One good thing about these tips is that they can also apply to other essays you would be writing in the course of being a student. Yes, creating outlines for your academic papers should never be taken for granted as it makes your academic works easier and less time consuming.


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