Five Steps You Should Take to Complete Your Essay Successfully

Learning how to write a great essay is a skill you will use your entire life. The process of organizing ideas in your head and communicating them in structured writing is at the core of most professions. You will need essay writing skills to get through every level of school. Anything you write will benefit from great essay writing skills, so it’s important to learn these five easy steps to succeed in completing a great essay:

Determine the Purpose or Main Idea:

Before you can start writing a great essay you have to have some idea of what your paper is going to be about. What’s the point of writing it? What are you trying to say? If you aren’t given a paper topic, as for an assignment, then you can develop a purpose by simply writing about something that interests you or something that you are passionate about. Discussing these things often leads to great writing.

Develop a Title:

A good title can serve as a great hook. Consider a title that expresses your main idea in a simple and concise form. It’s generally a good idea to include at least one verb in your title; just have a look at newspaper articles stories to get an idea of how this is done. If you are having trouble developing a title to start you may want to try to develop your title after you have written your paper and you have a clearer idea of what your paper is really about.

Craft Your Introduction:

Your introduction can be a short start that includes at least your thesis statement as well as a sentence or two describing what it is you will be discussing. This is your best chance to grab your reader’s attention so pay special attention to how your sentences provide just enough information to entice your reader to move on reading your essay.

Write Your Body Paragraphs:

Your body paragraphs make up the core of your essay. Each paragraph should deal with a single topic in support of your thesis statement and include two or three pieces of evidence to that effect. You can decide what order to put your body paragraphs in but generally you should consider the how one topic should logically move on to the next.

Write a Great Conclusion:

The last paragraph of your essay should be used to summarize and synthesize all of the major arguments you’ve made in your paper. A good idea is to tie it back to your introduction as a means of showing your reader how you have succeeded in discussing and proving the central argument you sought out to make.


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