How To Write A 2-3 Page Descriptive Essay: Hints For Dummies

2-3 pages is a common length for the middle school academic papers. In an essay of such a length, you have enough space to develop all ideas and arrange them in a standard five-paragraph essay structure. If you should write a 2-3 page descriptive essay, it is even a better luck. To compose a good description, you shouldn’t be limited in words. The following simple hints will help you craft a good descriptive essay fast.

  • Pick a topic.
  • The success of your work depends on the subject you choose to describe. It should be any person, object, memory, place, or event that has many interesting qualities to write about. It will be difficult to describe something simple unless you have a really rich imagination.

  • Decide on the qualities you want to describe.
  • Think of all details connected with the topic. Where the event took place? When did you meet that person? How did that person or object look like? Pay attention not only to physical characteristics, but to the emotions and memories that arise when you think of the subject of description. Why do you have those feelings? The addition of emotional aspect will give a reason for describing that particular subject and will make your descriptive essay more complete.

  • Draft a list of details.
  • Write down the details you want to focus on. Start with the general details. Then develop your list by adding more specific and narrow details. Decide on the most logical order of describing the qualities.

  • Write the essay.
    • Write a short introduction with a thesis statement.
    • In a descriptive essay, a thesis statement should express your personal perception of the subject of description (e.g. it makes you happy, it is ugly, it is useful, etc.)

    • Compose the body of your paper.
    • Each body paragraph should describe one general quality. Remember to show, not tell. Add all possible details that will describe the quality in terms of the five senses: sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste. Give rein to your imagination. Use vivid adjectives, adverbs, and figurative language. Refer to the thesaurus to find unusual synonyms. In a 2-3 page descriptive essay, you have enough space to express your creative nature. Remember to use apt transitions that will make your description run smoothly.

    • Close your description in a conclusion by restating why the subject of description is significant for you.
  • Review your paper.
  • Look for the mistakes. Check if you description is consistent and fluent. Check if the length of your work meets the requirement of 2-3 pages.


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