How To Catch Your Reader's Attention: 30 Great Literary Essay Topics

When it is an essay topic on literature you have to buckle up your belt and keep your head strong so that you can get all your facts right and head in the perfect direction. The main aim is to explain the works of the writers, poets in a much simpler way through the essay. Critically analyse every topic to get the best outcome of the essay.

30 greatest literary essay topics

  1. The ode to the Grecian Urn had the hidden message about the then society- do you agree?
  2. What are your thoughts about Immortal age and Immortal beauty?
  3. How do you relate yourselves with the writings of Shakespeare?
  4. How do you relate yourselves with the writing of Rabindranath Tagore?
  5. Rabindranath Tagore is considered as the Indian Shakespeare. Do you agree?
  6. Who according to you should have won the battle between Brutus and Octaviusceaser?
  7. Was Cassius just a politician in Julius Ceaser, explain his role.
  8. Sketch the character of Macbeth.
  9. Sketch the character of Lady Macbeth.
  10. How do you describe the relation between Lady Macbeth and Lord Macbeth?
  11. The poem Inferno by Dante talks about the seven stages of hell, what do you observe about it?
  12. Who is the main culprit of the paly Macbeth?
  13. All’s well that ends well teach us many things talk about any one of the outcomes.
  14. Lady Macbeth going mad was not justified by many critics, how do you explain that?
  15. One play that changed your perception?
  16. Talk about the nature of George Orwell’s politics and the relation with English literature.
  17. Character development in hamlet.
  18. Who was the saint character, Ceaser or Brutus?
  19. One short story that has changed your life.
  20. The poem that you would love to read over and over again.
  21. Who according to you is the best poet?
  22. What does the story “gift of the magi” teach us?
  23. How to write an English literature thesis paper?
  24. Sonnets have been one of the most interesting formats of poem- explain?
  25. Ophelia’s suicide an interesting turn- explain.
  26. Pushkin of Russian literature, talk about his works and creativity?
  27. Romeo and Juliet are the true rebels- what do you think?
  28. The poems of early times describe the condition of the society- explain
  29. One poetry that you wished you would have written.
  30. The ode to the wets wind has many special messages- what are your thoughts.

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