How Do You Write An Essay About Your Experiences And Interests?

Before joining graduate school, you may be required to write an essay about yourself. Before you do this, there are some steps that you are supposed to understand and follow. First you must begin by understanding your audience as well as the purpose of the essay. In most cases, the admission committee is made of professors who are under the program you are applying for. At times, students who are already enrolled in the program will also be included.

Writing an essay about you is an opportunity to sell yourself. You will need to understand what the committee is searching for. For instance, if you are seeking for admission to a literature school, the committee is likely to look deeply into your diction and style unlike when seeking admission to an engineering school.

Brainstorm a topic

You will need to narrow down your topic of choice in a gradual manner. It is important for you to ensure that you understand your unique influences, abilities and experiences. Consider your short and long term goals, the characteristics that can best be used to describe you and the salient skills that you have. You will also need to examine your accomplishment and background both academically and personally.

Use these factors to choose a topic. You will definitely need a topic for your essay that will show the kind of person you are and what makes you to stand out.

What makes you exceptional?

The goal of the admission officers is to have a class that is as diverse as possible. This is why you need to highlight what makes you difference. How unique is your background and why do you think that you have something to offer to the academic community? For instance, if you come from a unique religious or ethnic background, you can highlight what you have learnt from that background.

Are there certain difficulties that you faced in your childhood? How were you able to overcome these challenges? However, it is important to be careful when writing about your past challenges. Be sure that despite the challenges, you are ready to end on a high note. Everything should be tied to the future and you should ensure that the essay communicates about your goals when you join the program.

In case you have experience in a certain field part from what you are pursuing in graduate school, you should explain how it offers a unique experience. You can also choose to write a detailed experience in your personal life. When you follow these guidelines, you will be on your way to joining graduate school.


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