How To Write A Good Essay: A Tried And Tested Method For Newbies

What qualifies for a good essay?

In order to earn the status of a good essay- your piece of writing needs to meet certain parameters. They include: an arresting topic, proper structure, easy-to-grasp language and grammatical accuracy. But if you have not written a proper essay so far except few jointed paragraphs here and there; then you have to understand the basic rules of article writing.

Tried and tested essay writing methods for beginners

  • Finding the right topic
  • If you are instructed to write an article on a particular topic, then half the job is done there. But if you are given only the genre of the article like- cause-and-effect or descriptive; then you have to rake up your brain quite a bit. The topic should be such as- it must hook the reader from the title of the article itself.

  • Knowing the ideal structure
  • If the course instructor doesn’t give out the right format, then you must hunt down a standard article format from every possible source. An ideal article must include- introduction, body and conclusion. Whether the project requires additional elements, you need to know from the instructor.

  • Keep a dictionary by your side
  • You may possess a strong vocabulary but that doesn’t mean that you will not keep a dictionary by your side. Whether it’s a hard-bound Oxford dictionary or online thesaurus- it will go a long way to cement the grammatical accuracy of your article. Also try to use the synonyms of same-old words to give freshness in your article.

  • If unsure, go through samples
  • If you are unsure about the proper format of an article or how you should approach with the introductory paragraph- then go through as many samples as you can. Your institutional library must have many sample-documents and they will come pretty handy to you. Internet is also a good source for samples.

  • Up your game in the body paragraph
  • You must keep the article body engaging and in order to do so- you need to mention the counter-arguments also. If you only continue with one side, then your article will look really monotonous. A critical tone is necessary to keep your piece of writing engaging.

  • Conclude the article properly
  • The article must end in a logical note. The conclusion part should re-establish what you have written so far. You don’t need to introduce new points in this segment but bolster why the topic should be discussed.


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