How To Create An Effective Essay Title In German Literature: 7 Ideas

A title is a reader’s first acquaintance with your paper. You should pay so much attention to it as to an introduction or conclusion. This line or two should introduce your topic keeping all details unrevealed. The following tips will help you come up with an excellent title for your German literature essay.

  1. Write it last.
  2. It is recommended to devise a title after you completed your essay. You may jot down some ideas for it at the beginning of the writing process. Choose one draft heading to stay focused on the topic. While writing you might change the direction of your thoughts; then don’t forget to modify the name of your paper.

  3. Make it reasonable.
  4. You should not underestimate the role of the top line of your paper. It is very important, indeed, because you write it with an aim to interest your audience. You can take the most essential part of the introduction – thesis statement, pick the key words and make a heading out of them.

  5. Be aware of the structure.
  6. An effective title contains three main components:

    • A hook (an attention grabber, additional unexpected fact)
    • Key terms (words necessary for introducing the topic to the reader)
    • A source or location (a particular book, author, century)
  7. Exploit your prompts.
  8. The prompts to your essay given by your teacher can generate a good heading. They are usually the questions that help you determine the main points to be discussed. Choose the most important prompt and present it in other words, using synonyms or rephrasing it.

  9. Maintain the tone.
  10. If you are writing a paper about a solid book or serious literature genre, then you can’t let your first lines be playful or funny. But if you deal with comedy, keep your tone less solemn. In case of doubts, whether you manage to create the right tone, ask your friend to predict by the heading the general mood of your paper. Revise it if necessary.

  11. Use a word play.
  12. To show your creative approach and to intrigue the reader, try to rearrange words or make use of homophones (words with different meanings pronounced in the same way but spelt differently).

  13. Give a double idea.
  14. It’s a common technique to divide a heading into two parts separated by a colon. One of them is a hook and the other is a detailed explanation of the main points that will be introduced further in the text.


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