The Top 11 Most Interesting Essay Topics On Christopher Columbus

When you need to write an essay about a famous personality, you can be tempted to write simply his biography and some well-known facts about him. However, there are many other techniques that you can use to make your paper an excellent one. Be creative and go for topics that are unusual, but interesting. Christopher Columbus is a character known by many people, so you need to present new information about him if you want to have an elaborate essay. These are some topics that will help you complete your assignment.

  1. Early life. Most of the people only know superficial details about his life, so you can discuss his early years and background. Even though many aspects remain unknown, you can still build a more accurate image of him.
  2. His writing. It is unknown for many that he wrote several pieces in which he described his life, his experience, and adventures. These compositions are one of the few accurate descriptions of his life.
  3. Fighting against wrong ideas. There are many sources that say that Columbus could not find in easy way support for his expeditions. In that time, many people thought that the Earth was flat, not spherical.
  4. The key to his success. His knowledge about trade winds played a crucial role in the success of his expeditions.
  5. Refusals. Surprisingly, his requests for financial support were denied many times because his plane were considered too ambitious and not realistic. Imagine how the world would be today if he would give up.
  6. Voyages. Here you can discuss the several small voyages that he made; during his time he gathered valuable information that he later used in his big expeditions.
  7. Discoveries. What territories were discovered by him? In his journals, he described them accurately, and you can use this to make your essay more authentic.
  8. Tyranny. Not many know this, but he was actually accused of being unjust when he was the ruler of the Indies. Because the accusations reached Europe, Queen Isabella removed him from power.
  9. The morals of Columbus. Even if he was a great personality, there are many stories about his criminal behavior. He was constantly searching for fortune, and he used to take gold and provisions from the places he visited.
  10. His year in Jamaica. He was forced to stay with his crew for one year and Jamaica, and his journals describe the hunger they experienced and how the governor persecuted them.
  11. His death. It was believed that he suffered from gout, and this was the cause of his death. However, the scientists decided that he was having a severe form of arthritis.

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