How To Organize A Profile Essay: 6 Structure Rules

There are many different kinds of essays that you will be asked to write-- one of these may be a profile essay. These are not particularly difficult, but there are rules to follow in the structure of your writing.

  • You Need a Strong Thesis and Intro
  • The way that you start off your essay is very essential. Keep in mind that this will set you up for either failure or success. Think each word through carefully. The introduction should include all of the points that you want to cover and a good lead in for the rest of your assignment.

  • Know Your Details and Use Them Well
  • The information that will make up your body paragraphs holds great power. A few words can take it all to an entirely different level. So, you should think ahead of time and plan out the order of your supporting details and all of the facts that you intend to use.

  • Use the Pyramid Scheme
  • In this type of paper structure, you either start from the “base of the pyramid” and use your most important point, and then add supporting details, or you begin with the “top” and the small, finer details until you make your point. The direction you choose is up to you, but this structure often works best for these types of papers.

  • Keep Your Paragraphs the Same Length
  • You might think that this is a trivial part of your assignment to waste time worrying about, but there are actually a lot of benefits to measuring the lengths of each section. It shows that you are organized, and it prevents you from dwelling too long on one particular point.

  • Never Leave Hanging Quotations
  • Hanging quotes happen when you insert a direct quotation but don’t do anything with it within your writing. You need to introduce what it means, where it came from and why it is important to your topic. If you do this incorrectly, your quotes will be useless-- used correctly, however, and they will become a great tool for you.

  • Have a Thorough Conclusion
  • When all's said and done, it comes time to write the conclusion to your paper. You want to make sure to give a recap on all of the main aspects of your topic, and talk about how it all comes together. It needs to feel complete when you turn it in, or your professor is likely to feel unsatisfied.

If you follow these six rules, writing a profile type of papers will be no hassle at all.


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