Women In Combat

Women in combat refer to women working as military personnel in the Army. Initially, women were not allowed to work with the military. There are changes, however, where the women are authorized to practice and are recruited in the army. Several countries in both the developed and the developing world have implemented such kinds of changes. The army is giving and providing equal chances for both men and women so long as one meets the qualifications set for recruitment. This trend is significant as it provides women with opportunities and possibilities for career development. Having women in combat is one of the pieces of evidence in the reduction in the gender discrimination or sexism. This is a significant development towards achieving equity in the societies. Women in combat are also given leadership roles. This shows the changing in the roles of women in the society. Women in combat can be very effective in leadership and personnel mobilization. Their efforts do not however go unrewarded. They have chances to prove themselves and can be promoted to higher positions.

Advantages for Women in Combat

Women in combat are given equal opportunities in the military just as their male counterparts. They are given opportunities to prove their military abilities. This way, women in combat have a chance to earn for a living and that of their families. Women in combat can be assigned leadership and management positions in the military. This can help them to develop their career. Women in the combat are one of the sections of women with high self-esteem and self-respect due to the knowledge acquired in the fields through thorough training and experience in the field. Women in combat prove that the tradition misconception of women being weak is done away with. This has a significant impact on the societies today.

Challenges for Women in Combat

One of the challenges of women serving in the military is their chances of getting recruited. Most of the requirements are physical and favors the men. One may be willing to become a woman in combat but may not qualify. The possibility of women getting injured in the fields is higher compared to that of the men. Reportedly women suffer injuries more compared to men. Women in combat may not be able to go to the fields or battles when they are pregnant. This becomes a challenge as the tasks are very demanding.


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