How To Use Dialogue In An Essay – A Complete Tutorial

Students often attempt academic essays during their career of different types and subjects. Some of these assignments are new for the student while most of them are easier and familiar for the student. Students use different quotes, anecdotes and titles in their essay to hook their audience and add the validity of their stance. However, you may also include a dialogue in your paper. This might be a newer practice for you but in some cases you will have to have one.

The question however, is that how will you include a dialogue in your paper, what will be the format for writing it, what punctuation rules you will follow etc.. Most of the times you will use it in a narrative essay where you are narrating your paper to the audience. However, you can follow this link to find other types of dialogues that you can include in your paper. To make it simpler, here are a few things you should remember about using a dialogue in your paper

Generally, there are two types of dialogue including direct and indirect. The first one is speech where you quote exactly the same as the speaker. You will use quotation marks and write the exact words of the original author or speaker. Indirect dialogue is a secondary information where you write what they said but in your own words

  1. To include an indirect dialogue, there is nothing to worry about the punctuation etc. you only have to make sure you do not change the actual meaning of the writer
  2. For a direct dialogue, you will keep punctuation rules in your mind
  3. Use a quotation mark around the quote to show this is a sentence from a certain character
  4. If you change the speaker then you should begin a new paragraph, no matter if it is even after one line
  5. Be clear about which character is saying what
  6. Use the right capitalization and punctuation marks while including a quote
  7. The sentence should end at quotation marks but the rest of the quote should have its own punctuation
  8. Use a comma instead of a period if the quote is not a question or an exclamation
  9. Italicize the title of a work if it is inside your quote
  10. Do not change the words or anything if it is inside the quotation

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