How To Write An Essay About Why You Want To Go To A School

Part of the admissions process for many high rated schools is an essay. The administration wants to know why you would like to be part of the student body. This is a serious assignment for you. The essay may be the determining factor in your admission process, and could be a tiebreaker between you and someone else. There are a few things you should keep in mind as you compose this critical composition.

  • Do a Rough Draft. It makes sense to do a rough draft ahead of time. This allows you to get your thoughts in order for the final text. You may discover as you are doing this for a few extra reasons why you would like to attend the school. It can all be part of the final presentation.
  • Adhere To the Rules of Grammar. Poor punctuation or misspelled words are going to hurt your cause. Make sure that your sentences are grammatically perfect, and there is no problem with your structure.
  • Put Your Passion Into It. This is not a business proposal. The school administration wants to know if you have a real desire to be at that school, or you just think it might be a nice idea. If you have visited the school you can share what impressed you the most about it. Examination of the curriculum can also give you some thoughts to put on paper. The body of the essay is where you state your reasons. There is nothing wrong with showing your desire to study there. It can make a great impression.
  • Always Edit and Revise. When you are finished with a final version, go back and do some editing. You may find a better way to word your feelings or you may discover some punctuation mistakes. A revision simply means you are taking a good copy and making it even better. The stakes are high on this essay, so is worth your while to do some editing work.

With all of this be sure to take your time in the composition. This is not a question because your academic studies will be influenced by the final decision. It is even possible your career path can be positively affected by going to the right school. A little more than usual thought has to be put into this essay. It is not impossible assignment but it deserves your attention to detail. Give it your very best shot and you may be very pleasantly surprised.


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