Basic Qualities Of A Good Expository Essay - A Writing Guide

Unsure of how to go about writing an expository essay or maybe even completely unsure of what one of these papers actually is? Have no fear, it is not as difficult as it may seem. It is simply a style of writing that is used to explain things in a straightforward manner. The tone of these pieces must be pretty emotionless and void of your personal opinions. So save your rants for another writing assignment because this one is straight up facts and logic based.


Building a structure for an expository essay is really helpful and a great way to organize what you are going to write about. Before you have done any in-depth research or planning, just get a few ideas and concepts and make an outline that puts the question first and lays out your points in a logical order. The order can either be from most relevant and important to least relevant or important or the other way around. We recommend the latter because it ends your paper on a more powerful note.

Fill It In

Do your research and fill in the points that you want to make. Make sure that they directly explain and logically relate to the thesis and do not carry bias in any way. Try to write without your own pre-conceived notions and biased opinions- we all have them but this is not the time or the place to put them in writing. Think about being as straight forward and non-emotional as possible.


When you edit your essay be sure to read it from the perspective of someone else. Will they see your opinion in there or find it anything but factual? You may need to revise and reword things a few times to get it as basic as possible. Having someone else read your paper may be a much easier way of doing this as well because they will catch a lot of things that you wouldn’t have because you are used to the way you think and talk.

This is a good exercise in reprogramming yourself to think outside of the box you tend to think in. We all see the world through certain filters based on our experiences, but it is important to be able to shed that filter and just lay out the bare facts. Many things in life, including expository style essays, require that we shed our preconceptions and just rely on facts to come to a conclusion.


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