Creating A Top-Grade Synthesis Essay On Gender Roles

When you have to create a synthesis, the most important thing is to do your research. It’s not enough to visit a few websites, you have to know everything there is about that certain subject. Furthermore, you need to be capable to gather all this information and choose the most important, valuable ideas. This is crucial when your subject is so sensitive and complex like gender roles. If you need some help, take a look at these guidelines:

  • Don’t bring public scandals in discussion. Every magazine writes on this theme; this public person made a scandalous statement about women or this artist declared that he is feminist. You don’t want to convert your composition in a gossip article, so try to focus on documented, well written pieces that will provide you a healthy perspective.
  • Don’t discuss about religion or culture. There are countries where gender roles and very strict, and people have no freedom of choice when it comes to this. As interesting as this might be for your assignment, you can offend this country without realizing. To avoid being disrespectful, try to talk about the things that you know and that are happening in your country.
  • Talk with a psychologist before writing. A specialist will help you understand how this concept really affects our life. You might not realize what a pressure society puts over us, and how we are forced to be in a certain way just to fit in the standards. If you touch this point with care, you can help your colleagues gain more confidence.
  • Provide some clear examples. Some of your classmates might not understand what you mean, so you can use some common examples to prove your points. For example, it is believed that women have to take care of the house, while men provide for their family. As normal as this can sound, it is not helping anyone and it can hurt many people who don’t feel comfortable with these actions.
  • Explain why we have to work on this issue. Nowadays, people are more open minded than ever, and they can easily accept a working mother or a stay-at-home father. If we remove these social standards, we can have a happy live and do whatever we feel like we should do. The society should not dictate our personality or the way we choose to live our life.

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