Composing An Impressive Essay On Why Business Is Better Than Job

An essay can be defined as descriptive writing based on a particular topic, constructed on different paragraphs. The writings may be descriptive, argumentative; art critical, etc. Academic articles include research papers, term papers and seminars.

There are certain points to be considered when you are assigned to write an article on a generalized topic. You have to study on how to develop an article based on the nature of the topic. The basic structure used for constructing an article is provided below:

  • Introduction
  • Article Body
  • Conclusion/results
  • Reference

Points to remember while developing an impressive essay on business is better than job

If you are assigned to write on the topic why business is better than job, the initial procedure is to study and collect information regarding the topic. Why business is preferred over a job? After collection of relevant data, the next step is to put the things on paper in an organized manner. After thorough analysis, it is necessary to arrive at a conclusion. Restating the important points quoted in the main article body is essential.

Why business is preferred over job?

  • Unlimited money: it is a fact that everyone works for money and tries to yield maximum. if you are preferring business over a job, the most important benefit is the unlimited overflow of money. There are no limits and regulations as far business is concerned. If you prefer a job over business, then you are entitled to choose a fixed monthly salary.
  • No time restrictions: if you are working for a reputed firm, you need to keep timely attendance and fix yourself to the office timings. In business there are no time restrictions since you can work less or more according to the profit you make.
  • Freedom: when employed to a particular job, you are entitled to follow the rules and regulations of the organization strictly. In business there are no rules and there is maximum freedom. The benefits or the output of your business venture entirely depends on your creativity and hard work.
  • No retirements: as far as any job is cornered, you have to retire after the time period assigned by the authorities of an organization. If you are planning to start business, no need to think about early retirements and you can work as much as you want.
  • Identifying yourself: if you are starting a business, you have your own identity which makes you stand apart from the rest of the world. You can achieve your goals much faster when you run a successful business venture.

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