Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen is heralded as one of her most famous pieces. It is a tale that follows sisters on their tumultuous path through Victorian society requirements for females, and the concept of love. At the time, this concept was not something for which a person married and instead, was a fairy tale of sorts. But writing about the potential for true love in a world where money and security was all that mattered made Jane Austen a heroine, as well as her main character Elizabeth Bennet.

“Sensory Language” is language used to help a reader make a mental connection with a traditionally sensory experience. For instance, an accurate description of “biting cold” can allow the reader to understand the intensity of winter weather. When discussing a piece of literature that uses sensory language, it is a good idea to understand the various devices through which an author accesses the readers’ sensory memories. For example, some of the most common ways you will encounter sensory language is not in basic descriptive text, but is through the use of paradox or irony. The tale of Pride & Prejudice is one which heavily relies on this writing tool. When trying to explain the imagery in any literary work, it is always a good idea to emphasize the author’s use of sensory language as a way of supporting your conclusions.

Any literary work that has a cultural or historical theme or context is likely to contain a great deal of expository text. As you may remember, this is a variety of text with the sole intention of describing and explaining the author’s subject to the reader. When you are trying to explain how an author has used a cultural or historical theme, it is quite likely you will find it necessary to cite or reference examples of the author’s expository writing. It is important to consider the Victorian era during which Jane Austen wrote her six novels to produce a better understanding of why decisions, language, and actions were bold or profound for that time.

It is important to remember this type of writing is prone to great amounts of detail, so it is going to be necessary to identify the details that are of the greatest significance to the author’s goals or point. When someone is trying to explain Jane Austen’s purpose in using the cultural context for her book Pride & Prejudice, it would be necessary to sort through the hundreds of different cultural references to identify those most important to conveying the theme of the story.


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