Can One Be Moral And Not Believe In God?

There are many terrible things going on in the world everyday. There are wealthy people who steal from the pension savings of their workers. There are militias that kidnap children and brainwash them into becoming killers. There are people who seek out members of other ethnicities to harm them because of their perceptions of themselves as superior. In the face of all this, many people look to God for answers and others do not. One could ask the question, is having a belief in God necessary to be a moral person?

Why people might think so

Having faith in God has helped many people out of the most difficult times in their lives. By having a clear set of rules to follow, they can live lives that are morally upright. If they are connected with a major religion, they may also get involved in faith based organizations that work to counter some of the ills in society. The Catholic Church, for instance, is responsible for building schools and orphanages in almost every part of the world. Similarly, in countries with sizable Muslim populations, homeless people tend to know that people who follow Islam are encouraged to share with the needy. There are many examples such as these.

Why people might think not

Having no concept of God does not necessarily mean the same as lacking a belief in morality. Many atheists would even argue that their morality is stronger because it is born out of logic rather than a fear that they will be punished by a supernatural entity. On top of this, some would say that the belief in God has been at the heart of many of the worst atrocities that have taken place in history. The crusades and the inquisition were both backed by the Catholic Church and some of the most visible acts of terrorism in the modern world were carried out by people who consider themselves to be Muslims. The Ku Klux Klan spreads its doctrine of racial purity and hate with a Christian slant.

Believing in God does not make someone a good person just as not believing in God does not make them bad. People choose on a daily basis to bring positive or negative energy into the world and if they want to do harm and sleep at night, they will find a convenient reason whether that be the word of God or the scientific journals.


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