Creating A Descriptive Essay About Disneyland: A Writing Guide For Middle School Students

Disneyland is one of the most amazing amusement parks for kids that you could visit. Are you working on a descriptive essay about this place? We give you some useful tips to ease the writing process.

  • - Analyze the main characters. First, you should make a short review of the main Disney characters. Do you a favourite cartoon? You should pick a few appealing characters to mention in your article. Describe their physical appearance as well as their behaviour in a few lines.
  • - Describe the amusement park. Have you ever been to Disneyland? Now, you should proceed to describe what the amusement park is like if you have already been to Disneyland. If you have not been to there yet, you will find a lot of information in the Internet.
  • - Describe your favourite experience. In addition, it would be appealing to talk about the most interesting experience that you had in Disneyland. If you haven’t been to there yet, you could describe your wishes or preferences, what to see first, where to go, which character you would like to have a photograph with, etc.
  • - Analyze the visit. Tell the readers why going to Disneyland is a fascinating experience in a few lines. Try to convince them to visit the place, recommend what attractions are a must-see. Would you go back to this amusement park? Then, write why you wish to visit the place again in a few words.
  • - Pros and cons. You could talk about the advantages and drawbacks that come along with going to Disneyland. Do you know any disadvantage? If yes, you should tell the audience. In addition, you should about the positive aspects as well. Make a short comparison with other amusement parks that you know, do you think Disneyland was better?
  • - Make a conclusion. Try to summarize the whole essay in a few lines. Put your ideas together so that you come up with the most important ideas of your own. In order to write this paragraph, it is useful to re-read the essay, you could pick the most relevant ideas at once.

Try to be concise, do not overextend the conclusion. Keep in mind that the reader will appreciate to remember the key points in this paragraph as a short review. You should provide you personal opinion about Disneyland in this last section.


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