Image Of Mental Disorders In Motion Pictures.

Off course, movies are important in influencing the perception of audience and so, the industry of film making is prospered and supporting a fortune for its makers.

Directors and editor seek to enlarge the magnitude of the movies by several techniques; one of them is psychic characteristics. The enrolment of these characters is to create more exciting mental status and overwhelming the audience.

Interestingly, audiences enjoy watching these movies, it may be referred to their aspiration to experience feelings and events that they don't usually have. Actors also enjoy this experience to translate scenarists and directors point view to the audience.

In movies, viewing mental disordered characteristics attacks more audience and lack of awareness among public encouraged some to commit their events into real life.

Some movies express mental disorders in a bad prospective, their stereotypes are seducers, killers or criminals. This type of movies corrupts and undermines clarity and certainly of the fine line separating the mental health and mental disorders to confuse the community.

Specifically, not all audiences watching these movies are suspected to commit these proceedings, but there are vulnerable people supposed to participate in applying this.

Here we will introduce some movies impacted either good or bad prospective of mental disorder.

"Fight Club" expressing dissociative identity disorder, mentally disordered character was played by Pitt who established a club to teach fighting and self-defense manner to those naïve. This strategy seems to be good, however, this character succeeded in transforming one participant to psychic person which was plated by Edword Norton.

Studies have found that mentally disordered people are more likely to be victims rather than committing crimes. Also, Elbogen and Johnson researchers in 2009 proved that mental illness doesn't predict violent behavior.

On the other hand, "Beauty and the Beast" introduced a mental disordered character (the Beast) who trapped a beautiful women and proved that he is capable of protecting her, despite this physical appearance, as a consequence she falls in love with him.

To protect mentally disordered people, certain organizations begun to advocate for those having mental issues and dispel myths of mental disordered people. One of these organizations succeeded in canceling one show "Wonderland" after several episodes when critically acclaimed.

In a conclusion, the industry of mental disordered movies are prospering and triggering more opportunities for much violent commission in societies. Within the last few years these commissions reaches its maximum to "terrorism", as a consequence we must discouraged the movies with bad prospective of mental disorder and impose fines on their makers to reach its end point, we all are looking forward world peace.


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