Where To Look For Expository Essay Examples For Middle School?

Your middle school years can be an awkward bridge between elementary and high school even in terms of the level of academics you are expected to be capable of. As you conquer new methods of writing including the expository essay, you may initially be skeptical of your own abilities. Find the right samples and you may surprise yourself. Here are some places where you can start your search:

Web Searches

Search engines make it easier to locate the addresses of sites you aren’t familiar with. Through their use you can locate sites of all different types that may or may not take you to the help you need. For this reason it is helpful to use the web with the assistance of a trusted adult. Bearing that in mind, you may be able to find samples of expository essays on the websites of other middle schools. Some teachers compile these resources and make them available online for their students as well as anyone else who bothers to look.

Fellow Middle Schoolers

Ask the other kids in your class to show you the expository essays they may have completed in the past or happened to get their hands on. It shouldn't be much of a problem for your friends to share their good fortune with you.


Just as you may find resources on websites that have been compiled by other teachers, you may be able to get the samples you want by reaching out to your own teacher. It is a good idea to prepare for any eventuality when you do this. Some teachers will react negatively and act as if you mean to cheat. Others will wonder why they forgot to provide samples in the first place and hand some out to the entire class. It varies widely.

Books on writing

Writing can be complex and with the many types of essay you may be called to create, a good writing text should contain at least one sample of each so that you get an idea of what is expected of you in all cases. If your school does not provide a book that fits this description, check the libraries both on and offline.

Good writers come in all ages shapes and sizes so no need to worry if you feel a bit young to manage writing of this nature. You can do it all and more with practice.


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