Basic Instructions for Creating a Nursing Self-Evaluation Essay

Job performance instruments are now using the concept of a self-evaluation essay. It is a means by which a person can take stock of their performance and skill competencies. Nursing is extremely important in the healthcare industry, and the ability of nurses to assess their own value is important. There are some basic ways to create the proper self-evaluation composition.

  • Ask The Nurse to Write about Clinical Expertise. The paper should have some space in which the nurse discusses his or her experience. An example would be at oncology nurse explaining how a patient with leukemia was served.
  • Expect a Discussion of Patient Care. A nurse should evaluate patient skills as part of the personal skills tool. This can include feedback from patients in the past. This is an area where there should be a little bit of balance. The nurse would explain areas of strength and those where weakness can be corrected through improvement.
  • The Nurse Should Write about Teamwork Competency. Teamwork is essential in modern-day healthcare. The self-evaluation essay must include asking the nurse to assess teamwork capabilities he or she may possess.
  • Indicate Any Need or Desire for Professional Development. The nurse should be encouraged to discuss this topic in depth. The nurse should indicate those areas where there are some weaknesses and where some improvement would greatly help. Also, looking at the career path of the individual the question of professional development is essential. It gives a suggestion where the nurse would like future years to be.

However the final instructions are developed what is critical is to shape everything in a very positive environment. A self-evaluation essay can be viewed by some as an invitation to justify termination. If that holds true that no one is going to write an honest document at all. Instead, the given nurse will try to write what he or she thinks the reader wants to see. These type of papers are meant to give a nurse the opportunity to point out the value of given experiences, areas where this person excels, and those areas where additional professional development is desired.

The healthcare facility benefits significantly from this exercise. The self-evaluation lets management know where it is being successful in the development of its nurses and where improvements are needed. Information can also help in any career development program, assisting the nurse in getting the skill sets necessary. It has to be stressed to the nurses the positive and objective nature of this writing. It can never be used as an instrument for disciplinary action.


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