Composing A Powerful Rhetorical Analysis Essay Easily

The key to writing this type of essay quickly and easily is to really have a firm understanding of what a rhetorical analysis essay is and a good grip on what your topic is. When these two things are solid in your mind, you can sit down and start writing.

What is a rhetorical analysis essay?

In this type of paper you would dissect a work of non-fiction writing into distinct parts. Then you would give an explanation of how the parts could work in unison to create a specific effect. This effect may be one of persuasion, entertainment or information.

Start with the introduction

This is the opening paragraph of your paper. It should be brief yet contain some important information. Here are the essential parts:

  1. The writer or author of the work in question. What is their full name, credentials, type of writing, title, and subject?
  2. What purpose did the writer have in creating this piece?
  3. What audience was their target? Who did they want to read or view their piece of writing?
  4. Tone the author used – friendly, sinister, dramatic, quiet, etc.

The elements of the body of your paper

This is the part where you do your analysis. It should be a detailed description of the strategies the writer used. An essential part of your analysis is to work chronologically as you go through their written piece. You may discuss each paragraph separately, or break it into larger pieces such as chapters.

Transition words are important. There are many to choose from, but some examples you can use include:

  • Begins,
  • shifts to,
  • moves to,
  • contrasts,
  • opens,
  • closes,
  • juxtaposes

All your analysis paragraphs need to contain the following parts:

  • Identifying the section of text you are analyzing
  • Identifying the strongest examples of rhetorical strategies that were used. Include specific examples from the original text, stated in your own words. Don’t try to discuss every strategy; the strongest will suffice.
  • Clear explanation of how the strategies were used to achieve the purpose the writer set out to accomplish.

Finish with a strong conclusion

Fortunately, this is considered to be the easiest part of your writing. It can be brief. It’s just a summary of your paper, and its purpose is to remind the reader of what you stated in the introduction and how you justified your claims with the examples you included in the body.


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