How To Choose The Best Descriptive Essay Topic For 5th Grade Students

Writing a descriptive essay means, you have to come up with an assignment that explains certain subject to the reader in a very clear, detailed, and precise manner. Do not confuse yourself when you read detailed and precise both as the features of the same writing because this is essential to understand. The paper needs to have relevant and valuable details that will add value to your essay and make it easier for the reader to understand your subject using his five basic senses. By precise writing, it means that you have to write to the point and avoid adding unnecessary history, background, or information that does not aid in clarifying your subject to the reader.

Students often wonder that what style they should use to write a descriptive essay and if it is okay to use narrative style in the paper. It is perfectly fair to use first person because the paper is based on your personal opinions and experiences. However, one important thing to note here is that your personal experiences and opinions may have your own personal bias and you need to avoid subjectivity in your assignment. Even if you want to draw something from your own experiences, you need to make sure that it has enough relevant data and supporting evidence to prove your ideas and support your stance.

The topic of your paper is important in a way because it will decide the overall scope and direction of your assignment. You cannot choose an arguable statement for the topic of an informative paper or choose a descriptive topic for an argumentative style essay. What is most critical here is that you need to keep the scope of your studying and the grade of your qualification in consideration when selecting a topic for your assignment. Do not select something beyond your understanding and capability to address as a five grader and do not choose a basic topic that a three grader or below should address.

To find good ideas for a descriptive paper for your school, you can consider looking at following examples

Topics for a descriptive essay for a fifth grader

  1. A night spent at a fire camp
  2. The feeling of scoring high in school
  3. My first pet fluffy
  4. The birthday I will never forget
  5. How teachers can be ideals for students
  6. Courtesy teaches us a lot

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