4 Basic Tips for Detecting a Bad Essay Writing Company

There are times when you are going to need some extra help writing an essay. However, you have to be very careful when seeking out an essay writing company. Some of them will take your money and run so knowing what to look for will be the key to finding a reputable company that will help you with your work and take some stress of you. Here are some valuable tips on finding that reputable writing company.


This will be the key to finding the best possible essay writing company available. You should take some time to research the following things about their business.

  • Payment methods
  • History – How long have they been in business?
  • Proof of previous work and professionalism.
  • Are their customers happy? Read lots of reviews to get a good idea.

Bad News

Once you have done a thorough background research, it is time to assess the information that you found. There are some relatively easy ways to figure out when you have found an essay writing company that is bad news.

  • If they ask for upfront payment. No reputable company would ever ask you for payment in full before the paper has been written.
  • If the company cannot provide you with good quality examples of their work, run fast.
  • If they ask you for any payment or personal information before any work has been received, this is a definite sign to back away.
  • If you go online and read multiple bad reviews, it is best to find somebody else to write your paper.
  • Call the company and speak with an actual person. Do an online search for their address to make sure they are where they say they are. Many essay writing companies are out of the country, so you need to be cautious.
  • If you do not feel comfortable with the situation, go with your gut feeling. There are always better alternatives for you.

Just like with any online service you need to be careful who you give your money too. If the essay writing company has multiple bad reviews and virtually provides you with that sick feeling in your gut, then you need to go another direction. Find a company with good reviews, and who can provide you with examples of their quality work. If they cannot do those things, it is time to move on.


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