How To Write An Effective Evaluation Essay: Guidelines And Examples

The evaluation essay has one distinct purpose: to demonstrate the effectiveness or quality (or lack of) a certain product, program, event, business, service or place. It’s difficult not to inject opinion into this type of paper, but if laid out properly, your paper shouldn’t communicate heavy opinion. It’s more appropriate and effective for you to give the impression of being unbiased, based on facts and logic, and a result of good scientific investigation.

  • Characteristics of an effective evaluation paper
  • Establish a clear and concise criteria, evidence and judgment
  • Outline what the clear ideal for the topic of the paper should be
  • Is evidence-based and steers away from opinion as much as possible
  • Evaluations are based on facts
  • Give the results of whether the criteria was met. This phase is called the judgment
  • The evidence supports the judgment.

Selecting a topic means you must choose a business, product, policy or service. For example, you may write a paper on whether a specific restaurant earned its 5 star rating. Or you may write on whether the latest federal budget is aimed to put the country into debt.

Remember your job as writer is to analyze both sides of the argument, evaluate whether certain criteria was met, give a judgment and make a conclusion. Therefore, your topic must have more than one side to the argument.

When drafting your thesis statement, clearly state the overall purpose of your paper. Clearly define your subject, whether it be place, business, event, service etc. provide a brief background for your reader so they have some knowledge about the topic to base their judgment on as they read your paper and see what supporting evidence you present.

The body of your paper should discuss the value or lack of value of your subject, according to the criteria you have laid out. Provide examples and remember to stay factually-based and avoid opinion.

Balance your writing and thoroughly present both sides of the argument. A narrow topic works better than one that’s too broad or has been overused. A narrow topic and be supported more easily with evidence and examples, making it a stronger case and easier to present.

The conclusion is a key element of this type of paper. It solidifies for the reader all the evidence you have presented. It’s a summary of all the major points of the paper.


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