What Should I Know to Write My Essay in a Proper Way

Writing any paper is not really difficult if you know how to do it. Here is a brief guide to proper essay writing. Allow yourself a time reserve.

Beginners often underestimate the time essay writing would take. If you think you will need two hours to complete this piece, allow yourself no less than four. It is better to finish the work earlier (and have extra time to check and proofread) than have to rush for the finish line. When in a hurry, you are far more likely to misspell words or mess formatting up.

  • Hook the reader with your first sentence.
  • The first sentence of your paper should make anyone willing to read on. Use one of the time-proven opening techniques – start with a rhetoric question, a meaningful quote, or an interesting fact.

  • Craft a strong thesis statement.
  • A thesis statement should succinctly express your answer to the essay question. Your whole paper will be detailing this answer. Do not make your thesis statement too simplistic; show at least one complexity behind the question. Your thesis should ask a question or state what your readers probably know. “The Earth rotates round the Sun” is a weak thesis statement. “Although the fact that the Earth rotates round the Sun is general knowledge today, there were times when people were persecuted for stating it openly” is much better. Regardless of how long your essay has to be, put your thesis statement at the end of your first paragraph.

  • Link your introduction and conclusion together.
  • If your introduction asks a question, your conclusion should answer it. When your introduction points out a problem or controversy, your conclusion should state briefly how to solve it. The link between introductory and concluding paragraphs is important because it is the first thing many instructors check.

  • Follow a proper paragraph structure.
  • Every essay paragraph should follow a common pattern: transitory sentence – topic sentence – supporting examples – concluding sentence. The first and the last element can sometimes be omitted (or replaced with a single transitory phrase such as “Therefore,” “However,” or “On the other hand”), but never forget to include a topic sentence that expresses a paragraph’s main idea. Use two to four examples to support each topic sentence. Do not put more than one idea into a single paragraph.

  • Avoid outdated essay techniques.
  • Once it was common to write in your first paragraph “The topic of my paper is” and open your last one with “In conclusion” or “To sum up.” However, now it is not recommended. To get a high mark for your essay, avoid such blatant phrases.

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