A List Of The Most Popular Argumentative Essay Topics For College

Argumentative essays make up for a fundamental area of study for college students. As students are tasked with argumentative essays, their initial step is making the choice of topics which can raise controversies without offending the common beliefs.

Top 35 argumentative essay topics for college students:

From the unending list of topics, here are several topics which are considered as the most popular matters widely discussed or argued in colleges.

  • The death sentence must be banned.
  • The appropriate age of consent need to be lowered to sixteen.
  • The drinking age should be lowered to sixteen.
  • Homework should be abolished.
  • Marijuana should be legalized.
  • Alcohol intakes should be made legal.
  • Religious teachings should dictate the law.
  • Extra curricular activities must be made compulsory.
  • The government should spend more money to rehabilitate the homeless.
  • The government should be administered like a business.
  • The increasing number of stateswomen is optimistic.
  • Harsh punishment should be inflicted upon those illegally approaching to download music or movie.
  • Homeschooling affects children’s social skills.
  • The Spanish Inquisition led to the cessation of technological revolution for around 100 years.
  • Pearl Harbor attack emerged as a turning point in the outbreak of the World War II.
  • Teaching handwriting is quite obsolete.
  • Grades do not always signify students’ performance and intelligence.
  • ‘Placebo effect’ is an ideal solution to use for curing any disease at its initial stage.
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki may not be morally justified for first atomic bombings.
  • Museums of the world should give the artifacts back to their regions or countries of origin.
  • Governments should take initiatives to lure more male nurses.
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses need to be compelled to receive treatment.
  • Facebook can go a long way in establishing relations among people or Students should avoid adding their teachers as friends on social media.
  • Online dating is just a mean basis for a real-life relationship.
  • Google glasses may be responsible for more car accidents.
  • Children should be entitled to legal obligations regarding their responsibility to look after their parents as they reach 21.
  • Disposing of electronic wastes to the world’s developing nations must be prohibited.
  • Every human being has at least a certain kind of addiction.
  • Favorite music can be listened to for healing purposes.
  • While speaking to someone, wearing earphones is offensive and unacceptable.
  • Rehabilitation centers provide elderly patients with such an atmosphere that does more wrong than good.
  • Early marriages can be the obstacles to individual growth.
  • Parachuting can be congenial to curing depressions.
  • Schools should provide birth control for free.
  • Burning the flag should be announced illegal.

In addition to the above topics, there are many more ideas out there, which college students can choose to derive the real taste of argumentative essay topics.

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