20 Interesting College Essay Writing Prompts For Beginners

Writing prompts for college essay writing are easy to come by. For many students they can still be difficult to choose from because they want something they can easily write about without struggling. As a beginner this is the element that you should keep in mind. The topic for your essay can be anything from a persona l experience to something you hope to accomplish. Your topic selection should be based on guidelines set for your writing assignment.

Choosing an Essay Topic of Personal Interests

Personal interest will give ideas on what you should write about. Selecting a topic for a college essay often depends on guidelines for the assignment. If your paper is required to be a certain length or you have a specific amount of time to complete the task, these elements can affect the topic you choose to write about. Your interests will give hints on what to consider based on guidelines you need to meet. Your interests will also help you find a topic you will want to write about.

Using Sample Essay Papers for Topic Ideas

Sample papers are available through several sources online including college websites and academic paper databases. They give you clear insight on what you can write about and offer inspiration on topics to consider based on what you want more about.

20 General Essay Writing Prompts to Help You

Here are 20 essay writing prompts to help you in your search.

  1. Book or movie that personally influenced you.
  2. Life changing experience.
  3. Reason for wanting to go to college.
  4. How you choose your college or career path.
  5. A person who has influenced you.
  6. What would you change about yourself?
  7. How would you change the world?
  8. What are long term goals for your life?
  9. Your favorite animal and what it represents.
  10. Most significant social or political movement of current time.
  11. How do you describe yourself?
  12. How has your family helped you grow into who you are?
  13. An invention you think is a poor influence on how people live.
  14. If you could read other people minds.
  15. What was learned from an embarrassing moment?
  16. What you like about school.
  17. What you like about reading and writing.
  18. Your favorite ability.
  19. Best way to help others.
  20. A person you would have a conversation with dead or alive.

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