Places To Check For A Proper Essay Title Page Example

It is stressful enough to write the main body of an essay, paper or dissertation. However, what can be even more stressful is organising everything exactly the way your academic establishment expects, although with minimal help. It is particularly difficult to know how exactly to create perfect essay title pages. This is why all the best places to start looking for perfect examples are listed below in one handy list!

University pages

Often, individual universities will have their own ideas about how an essay title page should look. Sometimes, certain departments in the university will have their own, separate specifications. This is why it is best first of all to check your university, department and course pages to find out what exactly they are expecting of you.

Search engines

By typing in the right keywords, search engines such as Google can fetch brilliant results at the click of a button in mere seconds! The main difficulty, then, is wading through the millions of examples before you. To make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for, remember to put in the subject you are studying so that the title page will be correct for that topic.


Often on forums will be other people who have done the same subjects as you, who have had to write many essays and who know exactly how stressful it all is! They often know exactly what a teacher is looking for and will be able to tell you for absolutely nothing. Some of them may even have gone to the same university and have done the same course. Talking to actual people is also usually easier than trawling through hundreds of anonymous websites. If you can find someone willing to help you, it is often a much more pleasant experience all around!

Essay writing sites

This may be a little more difficult, but is very often worth the wait. Usually, writing sites will request a fee for the essays they offer. However, sometimes - most of the time - they offer a free sample of the first few pages to get you hooked. Here there are often really great examples of title pages that you can look at for absolutely nothing. What is great about this option is that there is guaranteed to be an example in your particular field of study.


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