Where to Look for a Free Essay: 5 Helpful Suggestions

There aren’t many students who are born with the natural gift of writing excellent papers. Most college and high school students will tell you that one of the most effective ways to learn how to properly write an effect essay is to copy elements from a well-crafted sample paper. So whenever you get an assignment it’s a good idea to get a sample from which to work from. Here are five suggestions to get really good ones for free:

  • Academic Chatroom or Forum
  • These places are great for students who like to network with others around the world. You have the opportunity to share ideas, thoughts and sample papers to help you along academically. Communication is key in these communities so be sure to join in on several discussions and provide assistance just as much as you request it.

  • Academic Writing Style Guides
  • Every discipline of study has its own writing style guide. They are filled with sample essays that should provide answers to all the questions you have about composing your own paper. In the long run these style guides can be tremendously helpful, so if you are entering a field where you need to write a number of essays you should make the investment and buy yourself a copy for permanent use.

  • Teacher Handouts and Examples
  • If your instructor is giving you a type of essay assignment that you is completely new to you, he or she will likely also give you a free example for you to mimic and learn from. These examples are yours to keep, so even after you are done with your paper you can always use the handout as a reference for later use.

  • Writers’ Resource Websites
  • Writers’ resource sites are filled a number of resources that anyone can download for free. A lot of the stuff you will find here are things like resource sheets, tips, grammar rules, common mistakes, etc. but you’ll also find things like several different types of written assignment samples. Just be sure to double-check that the content is updated frequently to ensure material is current.

  • Keyword-Specific Web Search
  • Every year, search engines improve the algorithms used to bring more accurate results to each of our search queries. By typing “free essay” or “free assignment” as well as the type of paper you need to write. This will bring up several dozens of reliable essays that you can use as guides in your own work.


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