Ten Amazing Topics For Your Persuasive Essay To Impress Your Teacher

In high school, you might be given quite a few assignments to work on and one of them would be to write persuasive essays. For those who have firm grasp on the concept, the assignment wouldn’t be too hard for you, but if you are relatively inexperienced then you might struggle a little bit. Persuasive essays are just about taking sides on a certain topic and then justifying your actions. Therefore, there are literally millions of topics that you could talk about and here is the top-ten list:

  • Is capital punishment wrong?
  • In another words, it is the death penalty. What are your views on death penalty? Do you think it is right to kill others for their crimes or do you think we can resolve issues in a more peaceful manner and avoid more bloodshed?

  • Should puppy farms be legal?
  • If you haven’t seen puppy farms then I can tell you that the conditions are horrible. However, it is still legal at the moment. Discuss the implications and whether it should be banned from operating.

  • Should students be given homework?
  • A rather controversial topic indeed! Well, this has been the topic of discussion for years and there is yet to be a conclusion. Express your views on this one!

  • Do parallel universes exist?
  • Science seems to be pointing that parallel universes do exist, though there is no solid evidence. What do you think of it? This is a great essay topic!

  • Why is hunting (for entertainment) legal?
  • Hunting for food is legal and that is understandable. But why is hunting for fun legal? Killing for fun should not be allowed, but yet there is no stopping the hunters. Discuss about this in your essay.

  • Should terminally ill patients be euthanised?
  • Terminally ill people are already in great pain and euthanising them would probably be very relieving and yet it is illegal in many countries. What are your views on this?

  • Should animal testing be legal?
  • Most of the products that we use today are tested on animals first. However, that means the animals have to suffer in our place. Should that remain to be legal or do you think something has to be done?

  • Should there be conscription?
  • Mandatory military service is popular amongst smaller countries, but it takes away the freedom of the people. Why is it still legal and what are the implications?

  • Are people born unequal?
  • A rather sensitive topic, but it is worth exploring in your essay. Are we equal or not?

  • Should students wear uniform?
  • We talk of a democratic society and yet we make students wear uniform, which is a form of social control. Why is that? You can certainly discuss about this in your essay.


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