A List of Impressive Essay Topics on Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Depending on the student's major, essays on drug addiction and alcohol abuse may be common assignments. Counseling programs and psychology classes will normally spend at least one class focused on this subject. To create a well-written essay, students must have a good topic. If the student actually cares about the topic of their paper, they are more likely to spend the extra time researching and writing that A+ papers require.

A List of Potential Topics

  • 1. Does a gambling addiction activate the same parts of the brain as a drug addiction?
  • 2. How does alcoholism increase someone's chances of having a child fetal alcohol syndrome?
  • 3. Are 12-step programs the most effective way to combat an addiction?
  • 4. What caused methamphetamine to become a common recreational drug in the United States?
  • 5. Which drug is “easier” to quit? Are certain drugs more addictive than others?
  • 6. How does alcohol abuse during adolescence increase the chances of someone developing a drug addiction?
  • 7. Are smokers more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol?
  • 8. Is marijuana addictive? Should recovered addicts be allowed to use marijuana?
  • 9. Does the presence of drugs increase crime rates in a specific area? Is this true for every drug or just some of the drugs?10. What are some of the techniques available for preventing substance abuse during pregnancy?
  • 11. If a women tests positive for drugs after giving birth, should her child be taken away or should she be required to attend an outpatient rehab?
  • 12. How is the treatment of sex addiction similar to treating drug abuse?
  • 13. What is the difference between alcohol abuse and alcoholism?
  • 14. Are steroids addictive? Why are they illegal like recreational drugs?
  • 15. What are some activities that recovered addicts can use to replace the time that used to be spent on their addiction?
  • 16. Are the children of addicts more likely to become addicts when they are adults?
  • 17. How does drug abuse relate to domestic violence, crime and sexual abuse? Is this a correlation or a causation?
  • 18. In countries like the Netherlands, drugs are completely legal and taxed heavily. These taxes are later used to pay for rehabilitation rather than prison for addicts. Is this a more effective or less effective than the techniques practiced in the United States?
  • 19. If alcohol were created today, would it be legal to sell in the United States? What are some of the physical health effects of drinking?
  • 20. What is the difference between binge drinking and alcoholism?
  • 21. Does drinking during pregnancy also increase the health risks for the mother?

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