What To Know About The Format For A Critical Response Essay

You may want to evaluate a text, a book, a film or even a painting. A critical essay is aimed at rendering understanding of important aspects of the book or the video in a wide context. Therefore, it is significant to learn about some of the most important tips about crafting its format. Keep an eye on the following:

Be certain to comprehend the assignment

As soon as your lecturer presents the question, do not rush into writing down what you have are not sure about. Start by reading the entire question as you foreground what you do not apprehend. Go back to your lecturer and inquire for clarification of these sections. It is only after this that you can forge ahead to pen down your responses with regards to various sections.

Perform a critical reading of your sources

As seen earlier above, the requirement of this question is to evaluate a given piece of information. Hence, you need first to have a clear understanding of the primary information contained in it before you can move a step ahead to analyze it. After this, you will have a clear picture on how to support your thesis.

Build your tentative thesis

Once you have all the essential information concerning your primary materials, you should be prepared to develop your central idea. This is the central idea on which the entire text is build. Therefore, it should be greatly reliable and focused to the subject matter.

Your arguments should be adequately backed up

If you want to be one of the competent writers, your opinions and ideas concerning the primary text should be adequately supported. If you fail to carry out this part, your work will be inadequate. In order to find supporting data, revisit your research sources. Use simple language that every reader can comprehend and which should not give the marker a hard time in trying to get to the targeted meaning. Also avoid double meaning words as these lower the quality of the essay.

Craft a concise conclusion

Your final part should be brief and concise, that is, everything should be able to fit into only a single paragraph. Do not go to the extent of composing more than one as this will lead you into irrelevancy. It is also significant to recall that, this section should purely entail ideas that were initially brought out in the text. This means that, new ideas are not welcomed.


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